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You have arrived in the world of huge savings on herbal medicines and herbal Products. We are cultivating, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of the highest quality ayurvedic (Herbal) products. All the products carry our commitment of quality. The ayurvedic herbal formulae are based on traditional combination and contains herbs grown naturally in their pristine Himalayan habitat, without the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.. more...
Wild fire PLUS for WOMEN

  • Sexual enhancer
  • Improves sexual Stamina
  • No Side effects
  • Permanent results
  • Big Discounts

Avg. Price: 760.00   Discount Price: 750.00   (YOUR SAVINGS - 1%)
So Sweet : Stevia Sugar

  • 100% Natural
  • 0 Calories
  • 1 So Sweet Tablet = 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Preventive Control for Diabetes
  • Blend of the highest quality

Avg. Price: 135.00   Discount Price: 121.50   (YOUR SAVINGS - 10%)
Indiagra PLUS for MEN

  • Boost sexual performance
  • Gives you more stamina
  • Creates Heightened desire & Pleasure
  • Increases Sex drive

Avg. Price: 790.00   Discount Price: 770.00   (YOUR SAVINGS - 3%)

  • Nicotine Free - No harm to the Health
  • Quit smoking tobacco
  • No paper to burn
  • No bad breath
  • Real rejuventor

Avg. Price: 70.00   Discount Price: 75.00   (YOUR SAVINGS - -7%)
Hot Products
Green Tea Green Tea
Green Tea also reduces cholesterol hypertension & cancer of lung, throat breast
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 250.00
Our Price:
highest in Proteien for Vegetarians with Vitamins & Minerals
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 150.00
ALoevera Fairness Cream
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 70.00
Our Price: 70.00
Stevia leaves
sugar substitute
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 90.00
Herbal Cigarettes  Quit smoking  Zero nicotine Herbal Cigarettes Quit smoking Zero nicotine
Herbal cigarettes
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 70.00
Our Price: 75.00
Anti Obesity Tablets Anti Obesity Tablets
Obesity (Over weight) & Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol or fats) Craving for sugar
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 249.00
Our Price: 249.00
SS Diabetol tablets SS Diabetol tablets
Anti Diabetic - 4 Bottles per pack - Removes Insulin
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 1200.00
Our Price: 1200.00
Chamomile Tea Chamomile Tea
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 250.00
Our Price: 225.00
Saffron Tea Saffron Tea
Detail Of herbal medicines
Price: 205.00
Our Price: 205.00
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