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Stevia Sugar
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Herbindia Store is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Ayurvedic formulations and herbal formulations of stevia such as stevia sugar tablets, stevia sachets & stevia extract. Our natural products of are completely safe and reliable to use. Stevia is a herb that can be used as a replacement for sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners. Stevia is suitable for use with all types of recipes including soups, baked products, desserts and beverages. We are offering a range of stevia products made from extrated stevia, we manufacture stevia sugar tablets that is a natural sweetener. Using highly purified stevia extracts, we maintain the standard hygienic conditions making our product useful for all health conscious individuals and helps in management of Diabetes, Hypertension, Digestion and acidity, High blood pressure, Addictions, Anti-tooth cavities and Plaque, Cardiac tonic etc. You can find more information about sevia and other sweetners and their effects by following this Stevia Sugar Tablets .
Stevia Sweet tablets  100 in a dispenser Stevia Sweet tablets 100 in a dispenser
100% Natural Sugar
Price: 135.00
Our Price: 121.50
Pure Stevia Extract  25 gm powder Pure Stevia Extract 25 gm powder
Mostly used for Cooking, Bakery, Drinks & etc
Price: 315.00
Our Price: 283.50
Stevia  Dry leaves Stevia Dry leaves
sugar substitute
Price: 600.00
Our Price: 500.00
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