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Herbal Cigarettes Quit smoking Zero nicotine
Code : P0008
Dietary Supplement : Herbal cigarettes
Dosage : 10 sticks
Ingredients : Mentioned below
Price : 90.00
Our Price : 90.00
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Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes - Quit smoking - Zero nicotine

“Clarityof mind, throat, chest and sense organs and lightness of head arefeatures of correct smoking” based on Charak Samhita (Ancient AyurvedicText)"

Nirdosh Herbal cigarettes are made from an ancient Ayurvedic recipe that is 5000 years old. All of the herbs contained in Nirdosh are used therapeutically.

The herbs have been chosen for detoxification of the lungs, stimulation of digestion and for a calming, nervine action that helps relax the mind.

Nirdosh can be used to Quit Smoking Tobacco or it can be smoked for its own sake.

Forthousands of years many cultures have enjoyed ceremonial rituals thathave included the smoking of herbs in one form or another. This ritualhas digeressed into the bad and unhealthy habbit of smoking processedtobacco that also contains many toxins.

Many people challenge meand say that all smoking is bad. My response is that Nirdosh can besmoked in moderation to enhance health. The therapeutic action thatthese herbs offer, is readily delivered through smoking Nirdosh.

Typicallytobacco smokers smoke 10-20 a day or even more. This smoke is highlytoxic. Compare this with smoking natural herbs in Nirdosh and thebenefits of Nirdosh are profound, while the risk is minimal.

Ifyou have had trouble quitting tobbaco, try weaning yourself off withNirdosh. Or if you are a social smoker that needs something to smokeand hold at a party, Nirdosh is a great solution to stop you fromgetting hooked again on tobacco.

Or if you are like me you cansmoke Nirdosh at the end of the day as a way to wind down. I also useNirdosh as a way to combat wet cough and colds in winter.


Nirdosh contains:

  • Basil
  • Clove
  • Liquorice
  • Turmeric
  • Gangal
  • Tendu leaf
  • Indian Cinnamon
  • Bishops Weed
  • Indian Bedellium

Nirdosh can be used to give up the habit of tobacco and marijuana smoking
Nirdosh increases metabolism, helping digestion and the removal of toxins from the chest and lungs.

Smokinghas been enjoyed for thousands of years. Smoking is a social,traditional and ceremonial activity that can be relaxing and enjoyable.Nirdosh allows you to enjoy smoking without the hazardous effects oftobacco and other harmful herbs.

Nirdosh and Ayurveda :-

Theformula of Nirdosh has herbs that work on the Kapha dosha. The lungsare a Kapha environment, they are cool and damp. Smoking increases heatand is drying. Nirdosh may be smoked therapeutically especially on coldwet days or to alleviate wet cough.

Nirdosh improves agni, the digestive fire, which improves general health and immunity.

Nirdoshcalms the mind, alleviating anxiety and stress, pacifying thedestructive force of excessive vata. Nirdosh lightens the body and mindproviding clarity and happiness.

Nirdosh can be smoked during the morning and early evening (Kapha times) for a balancing effect.

Nirdosh is an excellent replacement for tobacco addiction and is safe.

Dosevaries according to season, time of day and individual suitability.Minimal and moderate use is always the safest way to administer herbs,however when attempting to reduce the addictions of tobacco it may beconsidered safe to smoke Nirdosh more frequently.
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